Andrea Brigatti

I was born on september 1967 and introduced to wanderlust by my parents who brought me along in their travels since I was twelve. Touring Northern Africa in a Land Rover and tent when so young left a permanent mark in my soul that pushed me traveling by myself when a bit older. After many summers spent sailing around the Mediterranean and hanging around on a motorbike, in 2003 an accident has sat me on four wheels permanently. Since then there’s been lots of water under the bridge, the stork brought three kids, I went back to skiing and so on but that sense of awe for the first sun in a desert cove, the sheer happiness for silence broken only by waves lapping against the keel went lost like “tears in the rain”.
I spent a long time looking around without ever finding a solution that did not make me feel like a sack of potatoes, so I started thinking about a boat built from scratch, tailored on my needs but the prohibitive costs relegated the idea in the realm of dreams.
Meanwhile what started like a personal need evolved into a wish to share this adventure with other people that like me felt trapped in their chairs or simply by the organization needed to live on it. Slowly, ever so slowly and idea started to burgeon, a sailing school for people with disability, a simple mean to let them, us, enjoy life