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The beuty of a dream is sharing it

Since the day I first saw Cadamà I wanted to take on board other people in a wheelchair like me, to try and awaken the inner smile for those that lost their personal motivation and bring a message of strength to all those people that look at us with  in bewilderment

Starting in spring 2018 Cadamà partecipates in Classic and Vintage Sails ragattas with a very atipycal crew made of rolling and walking people, what I affectionately call my “Para-Normal” crew, where cross-reliance, trust and commitment are the foundation for every day sailing and very satisfying results

Regattas up to today

Livorno, International Sailing Week, April 2018

Cadamà very first regatta with a mixed crew: Stuck at the dock with a dead engine at the first try and first in the second round with a start in a ridiculously nonexistent wind

Barcolana 50, Trieste, September 2018

Umbelievable experience after an horrible beginning with Y.C. Adriaco and cancelled regattas. Excellent wind and a good opening race with Barcolana Classic and a fantastic performance in sBarcolana’s sunday main event where Cadamà had a 206th overall placing against some 2700 sailing vessels and third in her category

Mariperman, Le Grazie di Portovenere, September 2019

Up to now our worst regatta placing last in both rounds thanks to mistakes at the start line and technical problems. Nonetheless a very rich experience with many important lessons learned and hearty merryment  thanks also to the presence of our friends of the Wefly Team

XVth Vele Storiche Viareggio, October 2019

Great regatta with many beautiful sails and a very lucky third place just ahead of splendid Italian Navy  S/Y Stella Polare


Just some videos about regattas. It’s truly difficult for me to tell of the exitement, joy and fulfillment of being the owner, part of the crew and the whole project promoter, hope the videos will do

Questo post è disponibile anche in: Italian