There are many ways to enjoy Cadamà when on a wheelchair.

You can relax on the big confy cuscions under the large canopy by the hatch, decide to remain on your own chair and have it secured nearby the wheel or ease yourself in the seats we use for regattas and be able to steer or take part in the actual sailing of the boat.

When at anchor you can decide to leave the cockpit as it is and roll around on your chair or have the deck lifted to become a table where you can enjoy an evening longdrink or have your dinner served. If you want to go for a swim a patented bosun-chair will lower you to the water as in the video, you can operate it by yourself or let the crew take care of it for you. If you can walk and just want an easier way out of the water a side “royal” stair is available for your confort.

Access to the lower deck is through a lift platform connected to the stair, when in the dinette the platform becomes an integral part of the floor so you won’t be disturbed by it. A second lift brings to the fully accessible owner cabin and toilet as shown in the video.

In addition further adaptation for the toilet and a wc/shower-chair are also available on board

Maximum chair width is 67cm/26.4 inches. All lifts, seats and accessibility implements ar CE certified


Cockpit at night, you can secure your chair for navigation in the same position
Cadamà: Para-sailors in their seats